large yacht design

The design of large yachts primarily for private owners. The job starts from a preliminary study wich ends in a bid package circulated to potential builders. Once building starts, NL supply the yards all necessary architectural design documentation and controls that the spirit of the design and the style are well understood and executed.NL designed yachts have been built by the most famous shipyards as Oceanco, Palmer Johnson, Perini Navi, CRN Ferretti. During 2010 NL designed and delivered four large yachts ranging between 50 and 86 m., iconic yachts as “ALFA NERO” or PALMER JOHNSON’s, have been all designed by NL.

All the yachts are built by the design and under the supervision of NL, who assist the customer and the captain in all the design building and delivery procedure.The collaboration with Palmer Johnson have been always intense and productive: in U.S.A. during 2007 have been delivered two PJ135 and three PJ150 Sportyachts all designed by NL: DRAGON, WAVERUNNER and the golden O’KHALILA and HOKULANI; in the 2008 the PJ123 OCEAN DRIVE; in the 2009 PJ150-5 BLUE ICE; actually Nuvolari Lenard is involved with the new project PJ WORLD, PJ171 and PJ210.